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Best waters in North America


Salmon Fishing

Atlantic salmon are one of the best fighting fresh water game fish in the world and Newfoundland is still one of the few places left in North America where you catch these beauties. We welcome every salmon angler to come and experience a Gander River fishing experience that will leave you with jaw dropping stories and photos.

Here at White Cliff Lodge we promote catch and release of Atlantic Salmon. It is important that we practice conservation so that we can pass on the fly fishing tradition to all generations. 

Exceptional guides


Professionals or First Timers

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides know all the secret spots and best flies to use, which means you’re in for the vacation of a lifetime. And, chances are, you’ll come away with the big one and even bigger memories.


This is a fishing trip to check off your bucket list. Come share our passion for salmon fishing, outdoor adventure, beautiful scenery, mouthwatering food and wonderful friends.

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